Wednesday, July 2, 2008

day 35- now its time to scrub out that burnt pot.

these little guys are champs when it comes to cleaning up. they totally beat out any "non abrasive" scrubber i have ever seen. my parents swear by them and so do i. so will my kids and their kids.

if you bought one then you might too.

here is the story and inspiration of the dobie scrubber purchase and how it pertains to a buck64aday.

last week i bought a mini bamboo steamer for making up some dim sum at the pitt. if you are going to have some dim sum you are going to need some pork sung too right? after you steam your dumplings and you commence to the eating you are going to remember to shut off the burner so all that water doesn't boil away.


i left the burner on and all that water boiled away. they say nyc water is clean and healthy. a good friend of mine, who worked for the d.e.p. , always told me this. so then how come when the water boiled away it left this crazy burnt residue on the bottom of my pot?

ok maybe it was particles of the dumplings that fell into the water, but might it have been from the croton water that flows down to the lower east side?

it might. in the fall my water turns a brownish green color. it's the algae in the water. i am told it's safe.

send in the dobie scrubber. a little soap, water, a bit of elbow grease and the residue is gone. no muss, no fuss. thanks dobie. for a buck92 you kept my pot from being a throw away.

these thing are great not just for dishes, but for any kind of cleaning. they are even good for the exfoliating. it's a bit of a painful scrub down, but still very effective. with your dollar shrinking it's best to find ways to make do with what you have. no more disposable lifestyles.

we cannot afford them environmentally or monetarily.

really i would not throw away a pot until i was sure it is not salvageable. it's just not my way. actually i have a hard time of getting rid of most things. for some reason i think i might need it later. this is a great idea you would think, but although i save, save, save. my organization could use a little help.

really we should think about what we are throwing away and where it goes when it hits the curb. what is the impact?

it's easy to forget about it, and most people do. when you put your old couch out on the curb it usually disappears like magic in the next two hours. what about the junk? the stuff no one wants? it heads right off to the landfill with the baby diapers, the pringle cans and all those other non recyclables. take the time people. put it in the right place. give it to the right people. we can do it if we try.

its a good thing our lifespans are only 70 or so years. if we lived to be 200 we would all get to see the planet wrecked. the majority of the human race would sink into depression. visions of all the trash they "mishandled" running through their dreams like a kid's nightmare boogeyman.

think about the lcd tv revolution. last christmas i walked around brooklyn parts and everywhere you looked you saw big screen tv's on the curb, the packaging for the 32 inch lcd tv next to it like a beacon to anyone who might want to break into your apartment.

those tv's are piled high somewhere and mixed in with the tubes and wires are the coffee grounds and the diapers.

what a mess.

we really should have thought about tv disposal better. sure there are places you can drop off your old tv, but it would have been really cool if we put them all in one place. in the desert. lined them up as far as the eye could see. someone could have called it t.v. land. people would have come, they even would have bought tickets. i know i would.

your old tv has it's uses. turn it into a planter, a fish tank even a coffee table. i am still hanging on to my old tube. i don't need hdtv yet. i'm not there.

when i am, i'll dispose of it properly. i just wish the government would make it easier.

wrapping up.
545.13 at the start
a buck92 spent
the kitty stands at 61cent

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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