Thursday, July 24, 2008

day 57- whose turn is it again to buy the paper towels?

with 365 days to spend 600bucks you know sometimes my buck64aday purchase is going to fall under mundane.

what could be more bland than paper towels? are they really all that boring. let's look that the history of the paper towel. look here.

and your back. ok.. i guess sort of boring, but we take these things for granted. until of course there are none in the house. my mom has drawers full of dishtowels, but when you live with two roomates in the lower east side the communal paper products come and go like a seasonal monsoon. the dish towels are non existant. one day someone comes home with a huge 18packer and when those are all used up "said someone" does not replace the 18 packer as they did the last time.

this is because now it is someone else's turn. usually they come home with one roll. like the one above. (not quite an 18 pack is it?)

not that this is the way it is at my house all the time. we are not the best at replenishing the paper supplies. we do pretty well, but there have been more than a few weeks where there is not a roll of paper towels on the rack and more than a few times that you sit your self down on the throne to do some business only to discover that there is no t.p. anywhere in the bathroom.

not anywhere in the house for that matter.

no one really complains though. we should treat each other better with nice soft absorbent paper supplies for wiping... everything; at least we don't yell and scream when it is our turn to be mortified at the consequences of a "sitdown action". if your out there and can relate to that then just remember if your out and about tomorrow, pick up a roll or 10 of towels. they are cheap, light and will keep you from having to use your favorite sonic youth "goo" shirt to wipe up the red wine and chili you might spill on the floor this weekend. with paper towels around you can hang on to your memories. maybe even your dignity.

today's purchase of a one roll of scott paper towels ran me a buck84. it's one of those fancy rolls with the smaller sheets for smaller jobs. it's even made by scott towels which makes them the o.g. paper towel. since 1931 these things have been available in the grocery store, and for the past 80 years they have been running out in restrooms and kitchens everyday. making you have to wipe your hands on your pants, or use "something else" to wipe up that spill.

we used to use cloth rolls for wiping our hands. ever seen one of those? i'm not a germaphobe, but gross. i'm not much for doin' laundry so cloth towels are out.

i'm sayin' it here. the next round of towels for the pitt penthouse will be on me. i give the three of us five days to go through this roll.

unless we run out of toilet paper.

wrapping up
508.84 at the start
a buck84 spent
the kitty stands at 48cent

maximum spending tomorrow

i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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