Sunday, July 6, 2008

day 39- making that home made popcorn better.

while i am all about the microwavable popcorn and its convenience, i do very much like to make popcorn the old fashioned way.

no, not with jiffy pop, but in the pot.. with some oil... and some garlic and curry. rosemary is good too. yeast is nice.. but not to much.

when you make it with oil it can be hard to get the butter in there without getting a greasy mess. this butter flavored popcorn salt will do just the trick. at a buck89 i should be able to perfectly season my popcorn without having to have a stack of napkins waiting next to me in the chair.

look out rosemary plant. i comin' in for a harvest.

as for the candlepin bowling? hmmm. i didn't do so good.

ball small. me like big ball. big ball go smash. smash many pins. small ball i throw hard. ball go fast. ball go straight. i hit two pins. other 7 pins laugh at me. they still laugh.

i never thought it would have been so difficult. i did poorly. my technique was terrible, my aim nonexistent, and my spin might actually do someone else bodily harm if i had continued to use it.

i got stomped by a 24 year old girl in a forever 21 sundress. the pins never laughed at her.

i might never play the little pins again.

time is short again. the holiday weekend means no rest, as i am sure you are aware. i'll be back on point tomorrow.

wrapping up
536.21 at the start
a buck89 spent
the kitty stands at 17cent

maximum spending tomorrow

a buck81

i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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