Friday, July 11, 2008

day 44- bus snacks... my favorite.. besides corn chips.

so it's time for vacation part 2. one week of doing barely anything.

which is really not all that possible on my part.

i always seem to be doing something.

i am coming up with a vacation plan for myself though. nothing that regimented, but still i do aspire to some productivity.

the lady and i are headed out to the stugan out in budd lake new jersey. vasa park. here is where i will spend my second vacation.

my grandparents built a summer home out there 50 years ago. it's a swedish summer cottage. it's heaven on earth.

at least heaven in new jersey when you live in nyc.

the combos are for the trip out. we take the lakeland bus lines out there; then cab it from the bus stop to the house as we gots no car these days. a car is not a necessity, but it would come in handy. i need to get on that. combos are great. quite possibly my favorite driving/riding snack food.

pretzel and cheese.

cheese and pretzels.

in my mind there is nothing better than riding down the road with a bag of pizzeria combos and a 20 ounce soda by it's side. no crumbs no spills.

that's some clean snacking. and pretty cheap..

the combos have however dissapointed me a bit.

it seems their new thing is the cracker combo.

i am not a fan.

my brother grabbed me a bag of combos once while we were driving down to nc a few years back. we usually drive down from nyc through the night and pick up snacks on the way.

so we are in jersey.. he gets gas.. some snacks.. coffee... (combos good with coffee too.. black coffee) and some combos for me.

as i said it's night so it's dark.

i dig into above bag of combos.. at first i am not affected. i taste the cheese.. it's good. then i realize that i am eating cracker and not pretzel. i almost spit it out. holding my composure (and keeping up with the clean car snacking) i say, "wtf is this?" i look at the bag and see the pretzel has been replaced with cracker.

a travesty i say.

i might just need to head on over to hackettstown new jersey to talk with those mars people. m and m/mars is headquartered in hackettstown. although the house is in budd lake, my mailing address is hackettstown. maybe a piece of my mind is just what they need.

this bag of cheddar combos was pretty cheap. on sale at a buck93. the buck64 plus the kitty keep me calm and help me move into snack mode when highway 80 slows down as all the nyc to poconos people are pulling off at route ten.

it's nice how the rules of the game seem keep me going.

wrapping up
530.05 at the start
a buck93 spent.
the kitty stands at .29 cents

maximum spending tomorrow

a buck92

i can spend that tomorrow

you can't stop me

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roxie said...

i love me some cracker combos.