Thursday, July 3, 2008

day 36- a middle of the road razor in pink. for the lady.

it can be a little sad when i go out there shopping for the day's purchase. really, what is out there for under 2 bucks? what can you really get that you need. everybody needs a razor.. every once in a while.
it would be more economical to buy these in a bulk pack. problem is, a bulk pack is a bit out of my price range.
i challenge you.
get out there and see what you can get for cheap. what you can get that is "good" for cheap.
if you live in a big city like i do, then it can be a bit difficult. food and snacks are easy, but things for the home at a bargain require some searching. one razor comes up to a buck63. i have some cash in the kitty. i could have gotten something "bigger", but the point is not to max out the kitty spending kitty "just because" it's there.
the idea is that you buy what you need.. or want. try to get it for a buck64. frown when you can't. smile when you can afford something because you have that little bit extra.
times are gonna get rough.
it's time to practice. think about what it is you need. don't go over unless you can extend the use of what you are purchasing.
i like to think of the utility of the items. sure food is fun and tasty, but fleeting. it sustains, but you cannot (unless its a calorie loaded fast food sandwich you will be burning off for the next five years) use it again. a razor can be used over and over. if your not to picky you can use the same one for a year. sure the shave will not be a clean one, but if you are like me and have white facial hair, then who is going to notice? this razor is not for me. its for the lady. she's showers here at the pitt. sometimes she forgets her razor? now she has one. she can use it over and over again.
it's got value. utility.
with june having ended and the year half done it always means it's time for the 4th of july. time for cook outs, fireworks, and if you are in a lucky year (and we are folks.. we are) a three day weekend.
who is working tomorrow. raise your hands? not many. what with the weekend right ahead of us we are all in for what could be a great three days. i am pretty sure that for the next three days i will be writing and no one will be reading. that's ok. just have a miller high life for me and a spicy hot dog to go with it. enjoy your weekend. you've earned it.
the job loss numbers for june came in today and it looks like we lost some.
62,000 jobs gone. half a mil for the year. as i said a few weeks ago, we are always losing jobs. its the new ones that help keep things going. america is just not creating new jobs.
this is a problem.
maybe not for you, but for someone out there. the stimulus package was supposed to help. but how does it help with jobs? i mean really help. if we all get some cash and then we spend it all at once how will we be helping the job market in the long run? companies will just keep the staff they have, run a better profit and a lower labor cost and when the cash is all gone and the stores slow down again they will lay off even more people. they will have a couple of good periods under there belt to make good for the year. what do they care?
it seems like it we are just extending our problems. taking a rain check. till the fall.
the cash does however give us a decent summer. a decent summer is important. a great summer would be fantastic. it can get hot out there and it would be nice to just have to worry about the heat and not stress about our jobs. that is what summer should be about. slowing down and enjoying the best part of the year.
this is not a good time to hate your job. not a good time at all.
i don't really like mine.. i could walk out anyday.. at any time... but i need to pay the bills. i can look, but the lookin' is hard.
i am concentrating on the good parts of the summer, and this weekend i am gonna forget about this whole economy thing. i'll still be out there spending a buck64aday. i have to do that, but i am gonna enjoy a little time in the country. massachusetts country.
i hope they have fireworks there.
big ones that explode right above my head.
they always seem to have those in the country.
wrapping up
541.58 at the start
a buck63 spent
the kitty stands at 62cent
maximum spending tomorrow
i can spend that much tomorrow
you can't stop me.

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