Friday, August 1, 2008

day 65- scraping out every last ounce... of everything

aside from making a cake, how much do you use your rubber spatulas? I know i don't use mine that much, but with me having to tighten up and all with the hard times ahead i figured this rubber silicone spatula might come in handy.

at 2buck14 this spatula will be scraping the bowls and jars of my kitchens for some time. if you are looking for a way to save money it is really best to think about what you spend most of your money on. i guess rent or a mortgage are up there, but really when you stop and think you will see that you probably spend a whole bunch of your hard earned dough on the eatin'.

i know i do.
every so often we here at the pitt do a little cleaning out of the fridge. it's not that often, but when we do we all gather to claim what is ours and what is trash...

or may have been trash a few weeks ago and is now something so terrible that we cannot even look at it.

there is no judging on this cleaning day. why would there be? we are all at fault for the terrible condition of the fridge and now is the time to just have some fun with it.

it can be a little depressing though when we do it. all that food. gone down the drain. food that was purchased with our hard earned money and then, either improperly stored or just plain forgotten, all goes into the trash. this trash bag needs to be something heavy duty. something leak proof. otherwise whomever gets the chore of carrying it down 6 stories to the gorund floor might end up scarred for life when the remnants of herring, month old orange juice and some thai curry mix together. i am not sure what it would do to my skin, but i know that if this was mixed together and then touched my skin i think i would scrub till i bled.

anyway, back to the food. after the fridge is clean it is time to ponder what i did wrong.

why is there a ten dollar piece of cheese in the trash? 6 avocados and a half gallon of milk? four sticks of butter(open-barely used)? two half empty containers of mayonnaise and three heads of rotten romaine in the not so crisper anymore ? (why is the mayo even in there?) two bags of hot dogs shriveled and dried? was someone planning a trip to the woods? are these things supposed to be dehyrdrated?

the list can go on and on. i am leaving out the delivery leftovers. that is just usually a mess. if you play "how long can we leave the leftovers from the three piece box of chicken in the fridge game" then you know the answer could be forever.

what i am talking about is wasted food. we, as american's waste a whole lot. in fact, as much food as we produce for ourselves and for the world we waste up to 50 billions tons of food every year. whether it be crops that go unharvested, restaurants that throw out food as waste or just the food we throw out per day around the house(well over a pound).

we throw out 14percent of what we buy in terms of food. that is cash that could have gone right back to our pockets. really, if we want to save our cash it should start in the kitchen.

it could start with something as small as a spatula. with a silicone spatula we could scrap out every last drop from a container, maximize our cake size and if you really don't want to go through the trouble then you can just use it to get the leftovers of the meatloaf that spilled into the back corner of your fridge into the trash. any way you look at these kitchen "supertools" they will help you out.

i prefer the silicone ones. they are good in heat up to 500 degrees and most foodstuffs don't stick to them.

i just spent 2buck14, but i am gonna save hundreds.

you could too. just shop sensibly and don't be lazy when you are in the kitchen. anything you can stretch in the kitchen is going to save you cash and cash is what we need. 14percent of your food is about 43billion dollars. that is a whole other stimulus package right there.

this time around i am going to be smart.

by scraping out every last ounce.

wrapping up
495.68 at the start
2buck14 spent
the kitty stands at a buck78

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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