Saturday, August 9, 2008

day 72-saving up for all points west.

so my brother is playing all points west at liberty state park tomorrow. he got us free tickets so we can rock out to him while he plays guitar for nicole atkins and the sea.

while it might seem like a cop out to not spend abuck64 today i really wanted to buy something at all points west for the blog. i am thinking there will be nothing available for below 4 bucks.

one day of no spending gets me to that point.

4buck11 to be exact.

the ferry will cost us 30 bucks for the round trip ride through the harbor.

you are not allowed to bring in anything food or water.

i think i might be able to buy a bottle of water or something. i hope.

it will be fun. i get to see radiohead and dave rock out for a bunch of people.

we can pick up our tickets from the vip ticket booth.. or so i am told.


for now i think it is time for a sleep night as tomorrow will be all about the sun and the rock and roll. the nicotine patch makes me a little sleepy at night as well. i think the nicotine jitters that i have all day wear me out.

wrapping up
482.75 at the start
nothing spent
the kitty stands at 2buck47

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much

you can't stop me.

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Catherine said...

.... being able to say "I'm with the band: priceless" :-D