Monday, August 18, 2008

day 82- all bathrooms should have a hand towel.... fo' sho'

this one was a roommate request, and really i could not deny riad this one. i cannot tell you how long we have not had an official hand drying towel in the bathroom here at the pitt.

it's been a while.

i had a hard time finding one for the traditional buck64. i suppose i could have saved up some kitty for the towel, but really i thought i should save my money for something else.

after all i earned it... or at least the government said so.

finally i have found it. for 99cent at that . now that's a savings.

linens for 99cent are worth just about that. it's cheap.

worth about three washes cheap.

you might think that three washes is not that long a lifetime, but around here that could be months.

personally i am not that big a fan of the communal handrying towel. while i don't think that the roomies are dirty i tend to have some some terrible thoughts of the "drying towel".

the unsanitary linen drying towel was after all the impetus for the invention of the paper towel.

in my mind, unless you have a dedicated regimen of washing said towel then you should not have one hanging up in your bathroom inviting every hand to rub it.

think on this...

you are visiting a friend. you use the toilet. you have to use their one-ply t.p. as you did not bring your own. muttering to yourself you carefully wipe your business and think of all the people who have come here and mistakenly had a paper breach. not you of course. you were careful.

after dropping your friends off at the pool you go to wash your hands.

now to dry... hmm...

gotta love them paper towels.

wrapping up
467.68 at the start
99cent spent
the kitty stands at 2buck81

maximum spending tomorrow

i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me

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