Thursday, August 14, 2008

day 78- cuttin' the cheese

for some reason i have never owned one of these cheese slicers. i always wish i had one when i am cutting the cheese into chunks for the eating, but until now i have not been able to slice up my sharp cheddar into those nice slim pieces that i like so much.

to think on this is actually pretty sad. they call it a swedish cheese slicer and as i am a swede it is just downright wrong.

while i don't often have a round of farmer's cheese in my fridge, this tool should have always been in my kitchen. this one does not have a bone handle, but it will do.

i was surprised to find this at the discount store and it actually feels sturdy. it might just do for a little while until i can find that bone handled cheese slicer that i have always wanted. i might even need to save up the kitty for a round of the farmer's cheese.

that would take some time, but i have plenty of that. i have not even gotten to day 100 yet.

wrapping up
473.92 at the start
a buck29 spent

the kitty stands at 2buck19

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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