Friday, August 15, 2008

day 79-connecting my ipod again and again and again

the ipod, or i suppose it is better to say the mp3 player is probably one of the most useful device in my life. everywhere i go i bring with me over 200 records and i love it. i almost wish my commute was longer so i can listen to more music.

it seems that as i get older it gets harder and harder to find time to do all the music exploration i used to do.

while mp3s are not the highest in fidelity, i do enjoy the convenience of having so much at my finger tips. it's a trade up. i am ok with it. when i think about those twice monthly chores of reorganizing the mess i had made of my records and cd's i know it is worth it.

why the rca adapter you ask then?

to plug it into my stereo of course. i seem to have run out of rca to headphone jack adapters. i don't know where they all went. i used to have a bunch, but they have all disappeared. for a buck99 i am now back in business. i can come home, plug the ipod right into the stereo and not miss a beat of bfs radio.

i usually come home and wrap up my headphones and put the ipod down when i get home. i then turn on the computer and use that for music. with it's shitty speakers and a decent listening vantage point of my room the computer is no substitute for my stereo.

yet, i have been using it as such.

it's not going to happen anymore. this adapter is going to park it in my stereo...


it will not be removed for anything. if it is disappointed in the lack of travel in it's new home then tough.

now i can finish that new beck record. the first part is damn good. i just have not gotten to the rest.

wrapping up.
472.63 at the start
a buck99 spent

the kitty stands at a buck84

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much

you can't stop me.

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