Monday, August 4, 2008

day 68- noodle bowls... what... you don't have one?

i really need to learn how to focus my camera. you can hardly tell what this is.

well i guess you really can.

the title says it all. noodle bowl. 2buck10 from the grocery store on ludlow st. it is one of the last small time, but attached somehow to a big time grocery store... it might be called shop smart. i can't remember. they do have a circular and they have the sales, but they offer up primarily asian products. this is fine by me. i am not one to discriminate on nation, creed or color. food is food and well i have to say that for the most part american "continental" food can be a bit boring. this store i think will be a place i shop more often. while there is very little in the way of produce or foods of the fresher variety, the boxes and cans are cheap cheap cheap.

so back to the noodle bowl. do you own one? i think every one should. it should be the right size to hold a decent size of ramen noodles and all the water you are supposed to add as per the directions on the package. it should not spill as you take the finished ramen product to the table to eat it.

this is a noodle bowl of correct size.

maybe you are not all that into the noodles, and to this i say "you probably have not had the right ones!". noodles are cheap, tasty and so simple to make.

in a hurry? make some noodles.

got no money? make some noodles.

while you can't live off them for a long period of time without getting that "broke college student pall" about you, they can be a nice food addition to someone who is single or for the more adventurous couples cook. you know, the kind of person who orders unsauced wings from the take out place, has them delivered and then makes his own sauce for said order. just add some peas and shrimp to your noodles while they are cooking... oooo it's magic.

this would be me. it could be you as well. you just have to get the right noodles. the five for a dollar will not cut it. not at all. try the three for a dollar. those are better.. much better. they also have a wider variety of flavors. like curry chicken... mmmmm good.

i wish i had a noodle bowl back when i was younger. though i did not eat the noodles all the time i did every once in a while partake in the brothy goodness.

i was a bit turned off by them though.

the problem? i did not have a bowl big enough to eat them with. i tended to eat them in the pot i cooked them in, which is quite useful and from a utilitarian standpoint much easier for the cleaning.

i just personally do not like eating from the pot.

when i moved out form the parental's i was given (as i am sure many of us were) a small dish set... you know a starter set. mine was pretty extensive though i must say. my aunt norma had given to my mother a set of dishes when she was changing over to a new set. the set was pretty much complete and so i got a full set of dishes which i still have for the most part all these years later. a couple of pieces have broken, but i very much enjoy the fact that this dish set would be remembered by my aunt and uncles.

only one problem with the set. no noodle bowl. i would make noodles and then spill a good amount of the contents onto the floor on the way to the table to eat them.

someone should make a rule. noodle bowls need to be a part of the "classical dish set". really the world is changing. food has become more cosmopolitan and really as a salute to our asian brothers and sisters across the sea, a set of 8 noodle bowls should be a part every dish set.

think of the noodle parties the newlyweds could have with their noodle bowls that come with the china. (errr the fancy wedding dishes) there will be less spillage and cheaper meals on the go.

how about it people? for those crazy kids who are about to get married.. a set of 8 noodle bowls. chopsticks included. now that is something interesting. something unique.

something to talk about.

wrapping up
489.62 at the start
2buck10 spent
the kitty stands at 68cent

maximum spending tomorrow

i can spend that much

you can't stop me.

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