Wednesday, August 6, 2008

day 70- hey.. that's my pie.

day 70. i have been at this for over two months. in thirty days it will be a quarter of a year. that seems far away. hell two hundred and ninety five day seems far away.

so it's my birthday today. i am one year older, and this is just the sort of thing that could kill the end of the summer for most people.

not for me though. is it the end of another year or the beginning of one? i'll go for the beginning. that is more positive. positive is good.

having a birthday in the first week of august is not an ideal time. i really cannot blame my parents for getting busy any earlier or later than they did. they set the quilt to quiver around december 1st... i come out in the begining of august. the begining of august. in the north east this is vacation time. this means if your birthday is in the first couple of weeks of augaust, your birthday is either poorly attended due to the lack of people around... or not attended at all due to your learned apathy from the lack of people in attendance at the celebration of your birth in the past few years. ie. no party at all.

so here is my remedy for the summer birthday blues. have your birthday in september! it's back to school time. everyone is in town and that is the prime time to have a birthday party.

the only reason any of your friends know your birthday is through social networking websites and so you change the date of your birthday and plan your "party" around that fixed date.

trust me. it works! you too can have a fake birthday of your choosing. all you have to do is follow these rules.

1. choose your "new" birthday.

2. change all of your social networking profiles to have a date around above party.

3. have a good birthday dinnner with those who are in the know about your real birthday.

4. plan your party. pick a date and send an email to everyone you know. in said email-do not state the actual date of your birthday. just say something like "hey it's time to celebrate my birthday on such and such a date at such and such a place."

5. have a party.. enjoy yourself. it's your day. everyone is there just for you. when the party is really kicking and people are asking you when your birthday is (for conversational purposes..) tell them when it really was. like a month ago. explain the situation... tell them about the difficulties of the summer birthday. let them know that this is your take back. you are grabbing all the fun you can. before you get to old to pull this kind of stuff off.

no one is going to be mad when they find out. after all it's a party. everyone is having fun and as the fact that your birthday party is a sham gets out, people will just laugh and move on to having a good time.

i promise.

for my own birthday i am going to take this pie crust, which i purchased for a buck69 and use it to fill the unused my-t-fine chocolate pudding mix i bought way back in week one.

there will be a party. there will be fun.

just got to send that email.

wrapping up
485.73 at the start
a buck69 spent
the kitty stands at 48cent

maximum spending tomorrow

i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me

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