Saturday, August 16, 2008

day 80- polar bears dancing in the sunshine on a floating iceberg

our arctic ice cap is shrinking... shrinking.. shrinking. why? well no one wants to say why. we have all these scientists and all this data, but in the end no one will admit as to why it is happening. the only thing they all can agree on?

if the ice melts then most of us will be under water. at the very least be wading in it. though this kool tite bag will keep my cold stuff cold and my hot stuff hot, it is not going to help save the world (or at least the low lying areas from an aquatic death).

for a buck37 though, i will be able to do all these things, while looking at the mockery of a polar bear enjoying the warmth, while his last bit of habitat disappears- leaving him to drown or even worse to starve. all because we "possibly" like big cars and all the good things that come with them.

there was a time when people were shorter and lived near water. i think that was thousands of years ago.. or a couple of decades ago in nyc. well those times are still here. if the waters rise not only will the polar bears die, but i will see my own street in nyc be under a couple of feet of water. thats right . the pitt will be under water.

for those of you that live away from the beach, then you probably are not all that worried, but if you think about all the people who do live near the oceans and where they will go when the waters rise..

look to your own backyard.

i mean your very own back yard.

that is where they will be camping.

not a pretty thought is it?

now we are taller.

we still still live near water.

wrapping up
470.64 at the start
a buck37spent
the kitty stands at 2buck11

maximum spending tomorrow

i can spend that much

you can't stop me

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