Wednesday, August 13, 2008

day 77-street fruit.

with new york city cracking down on the transfats, smoking and obesity there seem to be more and more fruit carts all over the city. there are something like 4100 street vendors in the city, and only about 10percent sell fresh produce.

when you think about it it is kind of a shame. i do like the availability of "no questions asked" street food, but it would be nice if i could do my produce shopping on the way home without having to go into the grocery store. thanks to bloomberg the city issued 500permits to street vendors. the trick is that you can only sell produce.

i have seen many of these fruit stands popping up and the price is right. these banana were three for a buck. i asked for four and i still only paid a buck. for the most part everything looks good on these carts and they do offer a bargain.

if it is less than or equal to the grocery store price i will buy from the vendor so i don't have to venture in to the grocery store and buy more stuff i probably don't need. with all our super supermarkets we as americans don't stop by the market everyday like most of the world. we buy in bulk and then throw out what goes bad.

in my mind fresh produce is cost effective, and healthy. those bananas are the perfect food. loaded with good stuff and easy to eat and carry.

support your neighborhood fruit stand so they will stick around. by giving them business you are probably going to come out ahead.

wrapping up
474.92 at the start
a buck spent
the kitty stands at buck84

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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