Tuesday, August 5, 2008

day 69- i'll never be a girl drink drunk

4ounces of coco lopez cream of coconut
3ounces of pineapple juice
3ounces of rum.
a blender, a coconut and one of those fancy unbrellas.. or just a bendy straw and... bam! you have a party.
for a buck79 you can make "almost" 4 pina coladas. at 15 ounces a can they really are making you sure you "buy" that extra one.
i remember seeing commercials for this stuff when i was a kid and i thought, "hey, why not. after all i have the juice and the rum at home."
actually the juice is way, way old. not good at all. the rum is ready so i will have to wait a little longer for my "girldrinkdrunk". for the most part i enjoy my old man drinks, but every once in a while who doesn't want some candy.
that would be every once in a while.
the disappointment hit home though when i realized that there was no pineapple juice. i think i would have been fine except for the fact that i began my quest for the absence of nicotine in my system.
that's right i am now smoke free.. or at least i have been since i woke up. i am however not nicotine free. there is a patch. it's on my arm. it's kind of itchy and makes my arm feel kind of tingly. still it's there and i really have not had that much urge to get out there and smoke.
i have felt that there is something missing. like the time i would spend having a smoke while at work. that would be my "me time". that is gone. i was a little edgy today, and i think i might have been a bit hyper from the 21mg that are coursing through my system. i really can't wait till i "try" and get some sleep. those dreams will be interesting, lucid and crazy.
still this is about a buck64aday spent one day at a time. not about me trying to quit the coffin nails. i do appreciate all the kind word sent my way. very much appreciated. i am reminded of what my cousin catherine said. "if karin can quit, you can too." karin is my aunt. congrats aunt karin. i am working on it. i'm gonna get there, or die trying.
i feel like i have been neglecting the economic news these days. i am going to work on it. i have quite a few things i want to comment on, but with things swinging back and forth from good to bad and then back to even keel it makes it hard to pick the issues that really mean something.
plus i am all crazed from the patch.. this makes thing a little distracting.
add to that that it is my birthday tomorrow makes the buck64aday mission take a slight back seat.
ever so slight.
wrapping up
487.52 at the start
a buck79pent
the kitty stands at 53cent
maximum spending tomorow
i can spend that much on my birthday.
you can't stop me

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