Sunday, August 3, 2008

day 67- microwavable personal cakes? what has the world come to?

from the time we were babes we have loved the cake. as one year olds, many of us were given our own cake. it was to be eaten by us only. we played in the cake, got it all over and many a flashbulb went off while we were doing it.
then came the easy bake oven. making cake becomes chic. if your a 7 year old girl you get a box with a light bulb in it and you get to make your own cake. just like your first birthday you will get to eat it yourself and many a flash bulb will go off in your face after your premiere cake.
the second and third cakes will get you a few cheers, but after the fourth tasty treat, the cake mix is running low and no one seems interested in your easy bake oven anymore.
three weeks later said oven is put aside for something a little more fun... lite-brite or some such.
if you were sad about the day you said good bye to your easy bake oven then don't you worry.
the good times are about to roll again. duncan hines has a wide variety of microwavable cakes for you to make. just add water to the mix in the microwave safe bowl (included) stir it up, place it into the box in the kitchen with the lightbulb and quicker than you can say culinary arts has been stabbed in the back...
there is a ding.. a beep... some flashing blue writing that says... "done"
mmm cake and you made it yourself. aren't you proud? look at what you have done with no thinking.. only a singular drive for something sweet and a few to eight minutes (depending on wattage) to kill.
if you buy this product... really you are killing yourself, the enviroment, and possibly your soul.
really i only got this to rant about it. i am cool with cake mixes. i think they are great, but this is not cake mix. this the devil come to take away our souls.
i will make this stuff soon and update you all, but please don't buy this stuff..
wrapping up
491.74 at the start
2buck12 wasted
the kitty stands at a buck14
maximum spending tomorrow
i can spend that much tomorrow
you can't stop me

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