Wednesday, August 20, 2008

day 84- it's not real. it's rea(accent over the 'a')

welcome to a lazy purchase. really the only thought i had was that i have had recipes that called for lime juice and i did not have any around.

of course i should always have limes around, but sometimes... well all i have is a lemon and that just does not cut it.

lime is is distinct. for a buck79 i will be able to fulfill my (or the lady's) recipes... the rest i can use for maragritas.

this reminds me. a week or so ago i put a bunch of jalepenos into a bottle of lower grade tequilla. the purpose? making some "burn your ass margaritas". we tasted it this past weekend and it burned us up.

i can use the remnants of this bottle to make some maragrita mix. the real stuff, not the mix you buy in the store.

this purchase just got a bit more interesting.

all i need is some triple sec and it's a go.

it seems that everything i buy requires me to buy something else. for the past 80 something day this has been going on.

i have not officially spent even 450buck, but spending a buck64aday seems to make me spend more and more.

here's to stimulating the economy.

wrapping up
465.10 at the start
a buck79 spent
the kitty stands at 2buck71

maximum spending tomorrow

i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me

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