Saturday, August 2, 2008

day 66- a bag of dough

who doesn't like pizza? as a child i thought getting pizza for dinner was the best thing in the world. all that cheese, the tangy sauce and the pepperoni all crisp on the top.

i would scrap away the cheese and eat the bread and crust first and then just enjoy the cheese for as long as i could stand to chew it...

that could be a while too.

pizza, unless you are pizza cook, is something best left to the professionals. i know i do. while i know all the basics of proper pizza cooking i do lack the time, counter space and of course the right size oven. you know... one that could cook a pizza.

making the dough is probably the hardest thing to do. they are quite a few recipes out there and even a change in the tap water can make your pizza come out different. new york pizza is the way it is from the bread flour, the way it is tossed and of course the tap water adds to the flavor. what we get is a crispy and thin crust. i did not like it before, but it is growing on me.

these bags of pizza dough you can buy in the store are choice. it takes the guess work out of making the dough so all you have to do is make your crust and then throw your toppings on top.

what a great idea.

i'll buy that for a buck80.

but i will probably make bread sticks instead. garlicky and buttery strips of dough baked all nice and crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. it make more sense to me than making a pizza right now. my oven just will not cut it for a pizza. bread sticks on the other hand. sound damn good.

wrapping up
493.54 at the start
a buck80 spent
the kitty stands at a buck62

maximum spending tomorrow

i can spend that much tomorrow

you can't stop me.

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