Saturday, August 9, 2008

day 73- nothing says capitalism more than a four dollar mountain dew

all points west was a bit of a let down. aside from radiohead and of course seeing my brother rock out on the geetar i was really not all that impressed. perhaps i have become to jaded in my elder years. i have seen a lot of bands in my time. i think perhaps i just become to choosy in what i watch and listen to on the live front.
at 90 bucks a ticket i definitely would not have gotten tickets to the show unless they were free. dave came through with some vip tickets for the lady and me and one appeared for k, so we all got to head out to jersey by way of the ferry for some rockin. my only question is.. where was the rock? festivals these days just seem to not have what i am looking for and while we did get a veritable smorgasbord of music to wander around to it just seemed to me like nothing was piquing my taste buds.
i had four dollars to spend and i was really hoping it would be a beer or some tasty food, but it seems that if you spend 90 bucks for a rock ticket (plus 30 for the round trip ticket on the ferry) you were destined to spend a bit just as much to keep yourself entertained with food or drink.
you were limited to 5 beers, so if you arrived early and were looking to get some boozing in the sun you were s.o.l. luckily we were able to sneak in a little extra liquid refreshment by way of my satchel.
not that you have to have booze to have fun, but if you are trapped for eight or nine hours in a big crowd then i does help.
still, it was hard to find a four dollar purchase. the best i could do was mountain dew, which for 4bucks was a tasty and cold refreshment on a hot summer's day, it was a bit of a let down. a bottle of pepsi product form a distributor costs about 60cent. kind of hurts to see that i was getting gouged 3buck40 for the good of rock and roll.
with these sort of events, no outside materials were allowed. this keeps the profits up.
profit was all they made. while we were in one of the beer pens we pondered how many people were locked up in the small area. i guessed about 500. k guessed a little over 100. on the way out the answer was 600 people. beers were at least 7 bucks... hmmm 4200 in beer just for this round? that's a pretty good game.
i don't want to really sound like a cheapskate, though i suppose anyone trying to spend a buck64aday would, but really it would be better if the concert promoting industry tried to ease the cost on the peoples. i know.. woodstock that place was not, but if things were cheaper i would have been more free to spend my money.
the one saving grace in the whole place, and it was one we did not see until it was just to late was wild bill's soda for 15 bucks you would get a decent sized metal cup and all the free soda refills you wanted. we saw this to late. the sun was setting and radiohead was on the horizon. we opted instead for the free beverages dave was able to get from his trailer.
radio head was by the way awesome. you ca watch the show without sound here in 4 minutes.

Radiohead All Points West Night 2 Timelapse from Jeff Carvalho on Vimeo.

i missed my chance to see radiohead years ago when they first played liberty state park. i had the tickets and opted for a new job start instead. looking back i still regret not going, but hey, not going did get me here in nyc eventually.

wrapping up
482.75 at the start
4bucks spent
the kitty stands at 11cent

maximum spending tomorrow

a buck75

i can spend that much

you can't stop me

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