Thursday, August 7, 2008

day 71-krating daeng... (that which came before red bull)

i wonder if the red bull rage will ever end. people are drinking it in record numbers and they keep on drinking it no matter what the price.

seeing a can of red bull for 5 bucks in a store is not unheard of. i can't help to wonder why people have not discovered krating daeng. the original red bull. this stuff has been around since the 70's and is an energy drink of high regard in asia. in the 80's some a westerner discovered it an decided to market it for europeans. this is the red bull you all know and maybe love.

the original is very sweet and kind of syrupy. i would not call it refreshing, but i would say that it does give you that red bull boost everyone loves. red bull is just a watered down version of krating daeng.

for me the question is, why would you pay five bucks for a boost drink that tastes... ehhhh, better with vodka, when you could spend a buck25 for the same thing? back when i worked at the deli we would buy krating daeng by the case from the asian grocer across the street. for 20 bucks we would get 24 cans and used them to boost our lives for the summer.

it was a good summer.

krating daeng in the morning and then before we went out to the bar. some of us would drink a can before running (these before running drinks could turn on us as it had the possibility of making our colon crazy), but we cleaned the grocery out in a couple of months.

that was when the red bull truck came into town and started bringing red bull to every bar and to ever convenience store in town. we thought.. "great now we can get it anywhere."

then we tried the slightly fizzy watered down version of our old energy drink.


everyone was drinking it though. we were all slightly proud of the fact that we had been on the bandwagon long before the rest of town.

i snuffed the new red bull and went back to get another case of the "good"stuff only to find that they no longer had the good stuff. it seemed that due to the mass production of red bull the original was very hard to find. the woman said something about the company not being able to make enough of it.

she suggested to us the golden tiger. "it's the same and cheaper".

it was kind of bitter, yellow and tasted like crap.

so ended my red bull days.

i think though they are back. for a buck25 a bottle i can do the wings thing.

wrapping up
484.04 at the start
a buck25 spent
the kitty stands at 83 cent

maximum spending tomorrow


i can spend that much

you can't stop me.

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Shawn said...

You called it! Be careful if you plan on jogging!